Disclaimer: The restaurants below are listed for informational purposes only. This does not imply an endorsement by Congregation Beth Yehuda of the kashrut of any of the establishments. Some restaurants are open on shabbat, some have supervision in name only or may have other aspects of their supervision that might bring their kashrut into question. If you are interested in visiting any of these restaurants, you must first verify that they are still open, as well as investigating the legitimacy of the hashgacha. If you have any questions regarding the kashrut supervision, please consult your local orthodox rabbi.

This page provides a list of the restaurants in New York state, sorted by region and proximity one to the next. In Manhattan they are sorted from downtown to uptown, east side to west side, and acsending street address.

Price guidelines: (the column headed '$')

  1.   lowest price range: fast food, pizza parlors, Chinese take-out, etc. Generally under $10/person. A rating of '1' indicates that it is low priced for the type of food that it is serving, even though a Chinese place might charge twice as much as a pizza place.
  2.   mid-range prices: cafes, delis, lunch/dinner, etc. Generally $10-$30/person
  3.   high price range: Restaurants in which you are paying a premium for ambiance. Generally over $30/person.

This is intended to be as up-to-date as practical. If you have information about any of these establishments that is more correct than what you see here, or if you know of any restaurants not listed here, then please contact me with the information that you see in the headings. Please email to DFriedman@exchange.ml.com or contact me by phone at (home) 718 983-6415 or (work) 212 647-2066 with updated information, deletions, additions or corrections.

One other thing: It might be wise to check out any restaurant that you are interested in, with the City Department of Health, Restaurant Inspection Information web site (follow the "Inspection Results" link). Keep in mind that this reflects only a moment in time, and that many if not most restaurants have some type of violation against them.

Bronx - Queens
Staten Island - Long Island - Monsey