Friday, September 20th
I get to 145 6th Avenue in NYC
To stand in line with about 1200 other people
to audition for the 1st national tour of the new musical

1200 People Line Up TWICE around the block!

We had a blast in line while waiting,
bothering each other and telling tales
and making up cool things to tell those who stop
and ask what the line is for.
OH, and I almost forgot...
I was intervied twice, once by CNN and once by FOX5 NY!

The FOX 5 NY Interview

Are we STILL here???

3:15 - after 6 hours of standing and waiting... I FINALLY get into the building.

The crowd grows weary...

From there it moves quickly.

They were there before us!!!

We are divided into Actors and Actresses
waiting on one of TWO audition rooms
(*VERY small one person dressing rooms actually)
I give my headshots and resume to the person inside, Victoria,
then at her request, "Sing my heart out!"
I then belt out the 1st 16 bars of
"I say a little prayer for you"
and she smiles - a LOT.....
asks me if I am a little nervous, I answer "but of course!"
She says, "Well I am gonna make you a little MORE nervous...
Take this ticket to the NEXT room and do for them what you did for me!"

I go out and wait for her to shmooze with the people in the next (Actresses) room
then enter....and sing again for Tiffany and Todd!

They seem to like it, and take a red ticket and staple it to my headshots/resume< BR> and tell me to go find a 'runner' to take me upstairs to the BIG audition!

I am escorted upstairs and wait for to be seen by either
Bernie Tesley himself or by his partner, Craig.

After waiting for them to come and go and make a few calls etc...
I am finally to be seen by Craig.

I enter the large Theater and give my music to the Pianist.
Introduce myself to Craig and the others with him and sing!

After completing the song, they ask if I am local now or still in FL
...and now....
Once again...
I sit and wait for the phone to ring!

But WOW!
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