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Friday, November 22, I got a call from Dan at "The Extras Group" asking if I was available Monday to do a movie shoot. No details except they wanted me as a Chassidic Jew. I said yes and was told he would get back to me with details.

Sunday I got the call. Be on South Beach at 6AM Monday in full garb! (Luckily I DO own the hat and coat - they are my Shabbos attire!).

Arriving PROMPTLY at 6am, I park and am taken by van with other cast and crew to 1st and Ocean where they are setting up Base Camp. I am checked in by Melanie, a sweetheart, and am told that there is supposed to be kosher food for me, which they are TRYING to locate!

I am then sent to Wardrobe, where I am told I am perfect and sent back to the breakfast tent, where I meet some other extras, including Victor and his mom, Sandy (a famous Jockey!). Victor is a 15 year old aspiring actor, has been in several commercials and is now getting into film. I am selected by mom to be the one to look out for him throughout the day! I also meet Al Rydel who is to be the other Chassidic Jew, he is an actor, been in several films and has his very own paste-on Payos!!!

Al and I are placed in front of the Jewish Museum at 4th street where we are to walk down the stairs as we hear the BIG CHASE start with the FF2 cars being chased by Police!

...more to come....
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